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Maruti retains the Number 1 spot, And Tata Motors Gains Highest Market Share in This Year-YTD 2021.


The Calendar Year 2021 had been entered with optimism to say the least. We all would like to believe, be it personally or for the automobile sector, the worst is behind us. however, we still have a few challenges up our sleeves and should we fight together, we shall over come this as well.

Coming to the auto Industry, the year 2021 by default will be a big volume year. We have had more than 48 days of lockdown last year, so should we work by the normal, we shall deliver a handsome growth over last year. So, for the year till date analysis, all of us would see handsome growth volumes because of the simple reason, last year April our wholesale of the entire auto Industry was at Zero.

  • Cumulatively the car Industry stood at a volume of 12,18,870 numbers for the current year 2021. This of course as mentioned above was a handsome growth of 5,65,433 units over last year YTD.

  • This Year YTD we stand at an average of about 3,04,718 units on a monthly basis. against the Last year average of about 2,17,812 units. This is a handsome growth of about 86,905 units per month.

  • Maruti Suzuki, continues to lead the pack with a volume of about 5,65,845 units. The market share of Maruti stood at about 46.42% . however one should note that this is lesser than what the market share was at the LY same time period.

  • Hyundai stood at rank 2 with 2,05,207 units. They continued their dream run with a market share of about 16.84%

  • Tata motors, the new number 3 continues to hold onto its position and build from strength to strength. Tata Motors, now has a market share of 8.94%

  • The Industry Last year stood at 6,53,437 units. Primarily because of the zero wholesale month of April 2020. The OEM's had experienced their worst nightmare come true last year. However, this year April they have made up for the lost volumes.

  • Last Year however, during this period Tata motors was not rank3 , Kia was at Rank3 followed by Mahindra at rank 4. Tata motors was at rank 5 last year same time.

  • Highest growth of course came from Maruti Suzuki in terms of volume. We saw a volume growth of 24,866 units from Maruti Suzuki. However, Maruti lost the highest market share. The drop in market share was a staggering -7.11%

  • Hyundai, Mahindra, Toyota, Renault and Honda have had marginal gains of less than 1% market share.

  • Tata of course, stole the show with a 4.04% staggering gain in market share TY year YTD over LY YTD.

With the year starting in the most exciting fashion where Kia+Hyundai have started closing the gap with Maruti. Tata continued to clock the 25,000+ mark consistently. Maruti having it's new car launches shortly with Celerio and the much hyped Jimny towards the end of the year. Mahindra with the much hyped XVU700 round the corner.

One cannot ignore the recent launches Renault and Nissan. Skoda trying to up the anti with it's new UV.

There is a lot of excitement to look forward !

This is the most interesting year to watch out for!


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