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Maruti Suzuki exports for Passenger Cars was higher than Hyundai in FY2021!

While Hyundai retained its tag as India's largest Passenger Vehicle exporter for FY2021; Maruti pipped Hyundai to become the bigger exporter of Passenger Cars (excludes UVs) for FY2021.

Passenger Cars export volumes dropped to 2,64,921 units in FY2021 which was about 44% degrowth compared to 4,75,801 units in FY2020.

Below is a look at OEM wise performance on Exports:

  • Maruti Suzuki beats Hyundai and took over the number 1 position with 84,702 unit exports in FY2021

  • Hyundai had the highest de growth in exports in terms of volume drop.

  • Nissan and Ford had one of the highest degrowth in terms of % fall.

OEM wise Market share.

  • Understandably with the highest volume comes the highest market share, however, one needs to note that Maruti also had the highest gain in market share a staggering 12.39%

  • The other gains came from Hyundai, Honda, VW and TATA on the market share front.

Hyundai has a bigger advantage in terms of UVs as Venue and Creta shipments have been quite significant. While Maruti's rise in export volumes is commendable; the OEM needs a much stronger UV portfolio to gain hold in both domestic and export volumes.


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