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Maruti Suzuki, Kia, Tata & Nissan's new Hatchback launches expected in India in FY 2021-22

FY 2021-22, in spite of the pandemic woes and its challenges, could see as many as 13 new launches and upgrades. We are sure those new car buyers who have been fence-sitters all this while, would be excited to get a bite into the new car launches of the hatchback segment.

The details Manufacturer wise could be as under :

Maruti Suzuki

The market leader could be upping the ante in FY2021-22 as it looks to continue its resilient fight to attain growth and maintain its commanding market share in spite of the pandemic woes.

The company is looking at launching 5 hatchbacks including one 1 hybrid and 1 EV in FY2021-22.

The hatchback models that are expected to be launched are :

1. The Alto 2021 by Q3 of 2021 priced around Rs.3 Lakh Ex SR Delhi.

It would be powered by a 999cc 3 cylinder Petrol Engine and offer legendary mileage. It could be fitted with Airbags, as per Government of India norms.

2. XL5 by Q4 2021 priced around Rs.5 Lakh Ex SR Delhi.

It would be powered by a 999cc 4 cylinder Petrol Engine. It could be based on the Wagon R platform but have more sporty and aggressive looks.

3. Wagon R Electric by Early 2022 priced around Rs.8 Lakh Ex SR Delhi.

This would be Maruti’s foray into EVs.

The car is expected to be built on the popular Wagon R platform and would come with automated transmission. It would be offered with fast charging options. However, the range and other details are still awaited.

The car, being the market leader, is expected to drive interest and volumes for the EV sector in the Hatchback segment.

4. Swift SHVS Hybrid by Early 2022 priced around Rs.10 Lakh Ex SR Delhi

This car will be fitted with an Electric Motor and battery pack that is coupled with an 1197 cc Petrol Engine also. The Electric Motor will generate a max power of 13.5 PS and 30 Nm Torque. The Petrol Engine will generate a Max power of 91 PS and a torque of 118 Nm. The car is expected to be launched in the export markets first before its launch in India. It would get additional features of ventilated front seats, cruise control, and paddle shifters over the existing Swift. It would also get 5 speed AMT transmission.

Tata Motors

The company has astounded everyone, including itself, by its outstanding performance in FY2020-21. Its volumes doubled over its pre-pandemic levels and it registered its best performance in the last eight years. It is now a clear and faraway No.3; and aspires to challenge the No.1 and No.2 players, Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai Motors very confidently in FY202122.

It has tasted success in its new launches in Fy201920 namely the Altroz, Tiago, Harrier, Nexon and is looking at consolidating further with more upgrades and new launches.

We look at the Tata Motors launches for Fy2021-22.

1. Altroz EV in July 2021, priced around Rs.14L ex, SR Delhi.

The pricing would match that of the Nexon EV.

It would come with a battery pack of capacity 30kWh, offering a range of 300 km on a single charge. The car would be equipped with features including a semi-digital instrument cluster, auto AC and connected car technology.

When launched, it will have the pride of being the only premium electric hatchback in its segment.

2.)Tiago EV in Dec 2021, priced around Rs.6L ex SR Delhi.

The information on the car, as yet is: it will have automatic transmission. It will be Tata’s second venture into the EV hatchback, after the Altroz EV.

The Tiago is a popular city car for the family. The EV version is expected to consolidate Tata’s position further.


Nissan has been disappointing in its sales performance in India for the past few years. It has not managed to increase sales in spite of the launch of the Datsun Go platform. It is now banking on the Magnite, launched in Oct 2020, and has increased its sales footprint. The Magnite has, however, registered encouraging performance.

Now Nissan is expected to launch 2 new hatchback models, on the EV platform, in FY2022, as it makes continued effort to increase its footprint in India.

The two hatchback models are :

1. Nissan Note e-Power by Q2 2021priced around Rs.20 Lakh Ex SR Delhi

The company has not shared much information on the car. However, it is gathered that it will have Automatic Transmission. The model may not have a “sunroof” feature.

The company is banking big on this product and being secretive in revealing any information.

2. Nissan Leaf by Feb 2022 priced around Rs.30 Lakh Ex SR Delhi

This new model, by Nissan, embodies all three aspects of the company's EV policy: intelligent driving, intelligent power, and intelligent integration.

Loaded with futuristic technology, its outstanding feature is that of ProPilot autonomous driving. The feature enables safe single lane self-driving by allowing presetting the speed between 30-100 kmph for following a vehicle. The ProPilot Park has 12 ultrasonic sensors and four high-resolution cameras around the car that will effectively control the various driving factors like acceleration, braking, handling, gear shifting, and parking brakes.

This could also be one of the safest cars, equipped as it is with features like Intelligent Lane Intervention, Lane Departure Warning, Intelligent Emergency Braking, Blind Spot Warning, Traffic Sign Recognition, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Intelligent Around View Monitor with moving object detection as also an Emergency Assist for pedal misapplication.

The EV motor can generate a max power of 150ps and max torque of 320 Nm.

The Lithium-Ion battery will deliver a range of 400km, in a single charge.

As per Daniele Schillaci, Global Sales and Marketing at Nissan Motor Company, the Leaf is expected to be tested extensively this year prior to its launch in early 2022.


Kia Picanto by Q4 2021 priced around Rs.7 Lakh Ex SR Delhi

KIA, which has been getting rave reviews in India, with its Seltos, is expected to launch the Picanto in Dec 2021.

It is expected to be driven by a 1000 cc Petrol with four-cylinder and having 4 cylinders. It will have manual transmission.

The Car has been well received in the Middle East and is expected to do well in India.


MG 3 by Dec 2021 priced around Rs.6 Lakh Ex SR Delhi

This will be a petrol engine hatchback with 1498cc and could offer a max power of 88kW at 6000 rpm and Mx Torque of 150 Nm at 4500 Nm.

It would be a solid city car.

The Indian car market has more than 50% of its volumes still coming from the Hatchback segment. This is one segment where you must and should have your representation as an OEM. this is also where the customers who generally upgrade from a two-wheeler to a four-wheeler look at. Also, this is the segment where first-time car buyers have their eyes glued.

With a host of launches lined up here, certainly, FY 2021-22 seems to be an action-packed year for new car launches.

Disclaimer: Images shown above are derived, collated, and compiled sketches and may vary from the final products.


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