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May 2021 Car Sales – Snapshot

Around 1,03,343 passenger cars were sold in the Indian market for May 2021. The sales declined by a mammoth 64 percent in May’21 v/s Apr’21. This was primarily due to the lockdown in several parts of the country and maintenance shutdown at the majority of automakers.

The second wave of Covid has disrupted business operations severely in various parts of the country. While a varied degree of lockdown was announced by states where the cases were high; many OEMs decided to shut the manufacturing operations for a part of the month. Ex: Maruti Suzuki plants were shut from 1st to 16th May to support the Government in diverting oxygen for saving lives and also to keep its employees safe. Similar measures were taken by several other car manufacturers and had hit the production badly.

OEM-wise Sales Snapshot for May 2021 –

  • Maruti Suzuki recorded the highest drop in Market Share and lost a hefty 15.6 percent share in May’21 v/s Apr’21. Maruti’s domestic volumes declined over 75 percent in May 2021 over April 2021.

  • Hyundai India sales declined 49 percent M-o-M, while the Industry declined by 64 percent. It helped Hyundai increase its Market Share to 24.2 percent in May 2021 against 17.1 percent Market Share in April 2021.

  • Kia India volumes fell 31.4 percent MoM and it gained 5.1 percent Market Share. This is the first time Kia India has recorded a double-digit market share in India! It also regained its fourth position lost to Mahindra in Apr'21. Hyundai+Kia beat Maruti Suzuki for the first time in the month of May 2021 (source).

  • Tata Motors volumes dipped over 39 percent in May 2021 and the Market Share shot to an all-time highest 14.7 percent!

  • Mahindra moved to the fifth rank and sales fell over 57 percent.

  • Toyota registered the highest volumes drop in May'21 over Apr'21 and recorded dispatches of just 707 units last month!

  • Citroen started its India journey with dispatches of 230 C5 Aircross in April 2021. Unfortunately, the dispatches dropped to meager 40 units in May 2021. Wrong timing?

Market Share Graph for May 2021 –


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