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Nexa grew by 48.31% in July and increased its contribution to 19.55% of Total Maruti Suzuki Volumes.

Maruti Suzuki is celebrating the 6 years of Nexa Campaign this year. While we all know that Nexa was the fastest growing automobile retail channel 4 years back, it now seems to have stabilized with its volume and network.

The Arena and Nexa channels primarily deal with the sale of new passenger vehicles. There is a very clear demarcation of cars between the two channels, hence it makes an appealing case to understand which channel contributes what volumes to the mother brand.

The Brand Nexa, which has become the fourth-largest automobile retail brand in six years since its inception in July 2015, is arguably one of the best examples of how customer-centricity can create a premium brand.

  • Nexa Comprises of five models. The first model launch was S-cross, followed by Baleno. Then we had Ignis followed by Ciaz and XL6. The rest of the models are sold through the Maruti Arena Channel.

  • The LY volumes ( Jan to July) stood at 17,624 as TY volumes stood at 26,138 numbers. Which was a very handsome jump in volumes of about 8,514 volumes.

  • Baleno was the single largest selling Model of the Nexa channel with 14,729 units. However, Baleno's contribution to the total sales of Maruti Suzuki dipped by 0.83% as against LY same time. Also, the growth in Baleno was lower than MSIL growth. Ciaz also de grew in its contribution to the total MSIL volumes.

  • Three models grew in their contribution to the Total MSIL volume, Ignis, XL6, and Scross. All three had higher than MSIL's growth rate. In fact, they managed to double their volumes and at the same time grow faster than the industry itself.

The Nexa Contribution in total to MSIL stood at 19.55%, this was a growth of about 1.52% against LY same time ( January to July period). The growth in volumes stood at 8,514 units, which was about 48.31% growth as compared to MSIL's 36.79% growth. However, when one would compare the ranking of Nexa stand alone in the automobile industry, you would remember that we had Nexa at rank 3 at one point of time and is currently at rank 4, so while the Nexa Channel celebrates the completion of 6 years, a drop in ranking is not the most pleasant situation to be in.


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