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November 2020 Car Sales – Snapshot

Around 2,86,476 passenger cars were sold in the Indian market for November 2020. The sales increased by 8.8% in Nov’20 v/s Nov’19.

It is encouraging to see the Indian Passenger Vehicle industry recording growth four months in succession. After a 19.6% YoY growth in Aug (source), 31.14% growth in Sep’20 (source) and 17.5% growth in Oct’20 (source) – the industry has registered a 8.8% YoY growth in Nov’20. Do note that the growth has now tapered down below 10% even during the Diwali month. This indicates that the OEMs reduced pushing inventory to its dealer partners as the year end approaches. The real test shall be the next 3 months to conclude if the industry will have a sustained growth.

OEM-wise Sales Snapshot for November 2020 –

  1. Tata Motors continues its dream run and grew a phenomenal 108.1% YoY and the growth was the highest in the Industry! Tata Motors also recorded the highest Market Share growth in Nov’20 (it jumped from 3.9% in Nov’19 to 7.6% in Nov’20).

  2. Kia Motors India volumes shot up over 1.5 times in Nov’20 v/s Nov’19! The launch of the new Compact SUV Sonet helped Kia to inch towards the No.3 Spot and was just 618 units behind Tata Motors! Kia also was able to project one the highest YoY growth in the Indian market which helped its market share increase by 2%.

  3. The Market Leader Maruti Suzuki registered a -2.8% YoY degrowth and lost the highest Market Share.

  4. Even though Hyundai dispatches were effected due to Cyclone Nivar; it was able to grow a moderate 9.4% YoY and held to its Market Share.

  5. MG recorded its all time highest volumes! Its YoY growth was a stellar 27.3% and overtook Ford in Nov’20!

Market Share Graph for November’20 –


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