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Offers, Discounts, and Deals on Nexa Cars for October 2023

The festive season is upon us, and Maruti Suzuki Nexa is ready to make it even more special with enticing discount offers on some of their popular models. If you're in the market for a new car this October, you might want to take a closer look at what Maruti Nexa has to offer.

Let's dive into the details of these exciting offers.

Maruti Ignis Manual and AMT:

  • Cash Discount: Rs 35,000

  • Exchange Bonus: Rs 15,000

  • Additional Exchange Bonus (on select cars): Rs 10,000

  • Corporate Discount: Rs 4,000

Maruti Baleno Petrol:

  • Cash Discount: Rs 20,000

  • Exchange Bonus: Rs 10,000

  • Additional Exchange Bonus (on select cars): Rs 10,000

Maruti Baleno CNG:

  • Cash Discount: Rs 10,000

  • Exchange Bonus: Rs 25,000

Maruti Ciaz:

  • Cash Discount: Rs 10,000

  • Exchange Bonus: Rs 25,000

  • Corporate Discount: Rs 3,000

Maruti Jimny:

  • Unfortunately, there are no official discount offers on the Maruti Jimny at this time.

Maruti XL6:

  • No discount offers are available for the Maruti XL6.

Maruti Grand Vitara:

  • While there are no official discount offers, it's worth checking with dealers, as they may have special offers on select variants.

Maruti Invicto:

  • There are no special schemes or discounts on the Maruti Invicto.

In addition to these discounts, there's an exciting "Scrappage Bonus" of Rs 5,000 available when buying the Maruti Ignis, Baleno, or Ciaz.

Please note that there's an "Additional Exchange" bonus of Rs 10,000 on the Ignis, applicable only if you're exchanging it with an Alto, Alto K10, or Wagon R. The Baleno also qualifies for an additional exchange bonus when you exchange it with a Swift, Wagon R, or select Hyundai pre-owned cars.

To get more details on Nexa cars, including on-road prices and features, visit to your nearest Nexa dealership.


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