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Only 44 units of Jawa bikes dispatched in Jan’19!

Classic Legends; a subsidiary of Mahindra had announced that their motorcycles are sold out till September 2019 owing to massive number of bookings received online. However, the booking figures were not disclosed and it was told that the deliveries for the Jawa and Jawa 42 will commence by March’19 once all 105 dealerships shall be operational by February 15, 2019. 44 units of Jawa bikes were dispatched to the respective dealerships in Jan’19. These figures indicate that these bikes were primarily dispatched to the newer set of dealers and shall be used for Test Drives. The right assessment of Jawa bikes production, demand and sales shall happen basis Feb’19 data. Do note that Classic Legends has set a target of 90,000 units of Jawa Motorcycles for this year, making a target of 7,500 units per month. Royal Enfield is currently selling an average of 45k units of Classic 350 per month; and seeing the initial response 7.5k units of Jawa bikes shouldn’t be difficult.


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