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Peugeot introduces a brand new logo - Its first big change under Stellantis!

Peugeot is getting a brand makeover and has introduced a new logo, the first new Peugeot logo since 2010. Meet the brand’s eleventh logo in its history.

The new and updated lion logo introduces a new visual identity for Peugeot, with a focus on minimalism and more elegance.

Peugeot had celebrated its 210th anniversary in 2020 and now claims to be "the world's oldest surviving automobile brand".The company says its new design is reflective of the company’s recent moves upmarket and the introduction of several new electric vehicles. Peugeot says that it designed the logo to be timeless, and it’s certainly one we won’t mind looking at for quite some time to come.

The new logo will be present on almost everything related to the brand, starting with its online presence. Peugeot’s customer sites also have a new design, which is said to be more intuitive, simpler, and more immersive. The online sales process is being described as "more fluid" now. In addition, you’ll see the new logo on Peugeot’s showrooms, marketing materials, social channels, etc. The next-generation Peugeot 308 will be the first car from the French brand to wear the new emblem


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