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Production Statistics – India


Source: ET

Economic Times published a very interesting on India’s Biggest Auto’makers’; i.e. the OEMs were ranked basis their Production Output from the respective manufacturing plants. In 2016, Renault-Nissan alliance and Ford jumped to become the No.3 & No.5 OEMs in India! While Ford is cashing on Ecosport’s Global success (and hence exports); Renault had an extremely good year in the domestic market with Kwid’s success.

However, Maruti & Hyundai combined manufactured ~23 Lakh cars in 2016! The numbers for Maruti will see a massive surge as the Gujarat plant becomes operational in 2017. Also the expanding Nexa portfolio will help it sustain the production numbers.

To give a holistic picture of how the OEMs are utilizing the Production Output, let us look at the Production v/s Domestic Sales v/s Exports numbers of the Car Manufacturers (for Apr’16-Jan’17 data):

  1. Maruti, Mahindra, Tata, Honda, etc are heavily dependent on local market demand and the production is directly aligned to it. Ex: Tougher Market scenarios will push these Carmakers to cut production and lower their manufacturing output.

  2. Ford & Nissan have evolved themselves to be neutral to the Indian demand and have ensured that their production capacity caters to other markets as well. Ex: While Nissan Micra is selling negligible units in Indian market; the Brand is exported to more than 100 markets from India! As on date, Nissan has exported over 6,50,000 lakh cars from India.

  3. General Motors too have learned the trick and with ailing local demand it is utilizing its production capacity for Export purposes. Almost 88% of its production output is being used for Exports.

In a long run, India is going to be the battle turf for Top Automobile OEMs and Production Capacity Utilization will be a key factor of profitability for these carmakers. Hence, it will be interesting to see which OEM adapts to the dynamic environment and evolves to be the best.

*Export Contribution has been directly extrapolated from FY16 Production Nos (however the exports could be from the cars which were manufactured prior to Apr’16 as well).


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