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Project Cars 3 Video Game leaks Nissan 400Z Specs

The Nissan Z series has one of the longest-standing nameplates in the history of sports cars. The Datsun 240Z, launched in 1969, was the first Z car, and the 370Z, now discontinued, being the last, about 50 years later.

Work is going on the next-generation coupe, in closely guarded circles. As per specifications shown on Project Cars 3, the Nissan 400Z will weigh 1475 kgs and have 450 PS of power.

It is speculated that the engine will generate a max power of 400 PS and 500 Nm torque

Though these numbers are speculative, it is to be noted that the Project Cars franchise has had a reputation of ensuring that the specifications uploaded by them are as close to the actual vehicle, as can be. There is also a possibility that the numbers were just an educated guess as the 400Z is featured as the Z Proto concept.

The other speculation is that the net Z car will be powered by Nissan’s VR30DDTT3.0 litre twin-turbo V6 petrol engine, which does not have any hybrid technology.The car will possibly have a 6-speed manual gearbox and rear-wheel-drive as a standard. There could also be a 7-speed auto with Adaptive shift control and an All-Wheel-Drive variant.

The car will be a purists delight and have a manual gearbox. Dimensionally it could be smaller than the now-discontinued 370Z.Possibly, it’ll be approximately 117 mm shorter and 5 mm lower, with no change in the width.

The Nissan 400Z could go on sale in 2022, after being officially unveiled by the end of this year. There could also be a convertible version as well as the more focused Nismo variants.

Mr. Alfonso Albaisa, Nissan’s design chief, had shared with media, in September 2020, that the production-spec 400Z will be similar to the Z Proto concept.


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