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SCOOP: Facelift Spot Test of the 2021 Mini 3-Door

The 2021 three-door mini hatchback, which was later launched overseas, was discovered while trying out in India. Smaller than usual, they launched their renowned line of updated hatchbacks - 3-door, 5-door, convertible and electric vehicles - in a global division accepting updated styling and changing hardware records.

· The updated front gets a more distinct grille that replaces the fuse

· Lodge received a new 5.0-inch computer tool card, overhauled gear selector switch

· The composition of India will continue to accompany alternatives to the oil engine

2021 Mini 3 Doors: Cosmetic Change

As seen on the test model, the most noticeable change on the front was a large front grille, which extends almost to the base of the fuse. While the vehicle revealed in Global Businesses highlighted a closed hull segment in the middle that feeds the registration number, that part of the test vehicle has the same example of the grille still paused.

There are openings visible under the shield, while the side fog lamps of the heavier model appear to have been thrown away.

In terms of corrective changes, very little can be seen on the side, but according to the Mini, the wheel curves are updated. The rear of the vehicle receives a modified fuse. Taillight with Union Jack LED component included.

2021 Mini 3 doors: the interior

The image inside shows several restorative changes, the most notable of which is another set of unrelated sophisticated tools that have replaced the simple dial. The item switch has also been redesigned. Average comfort differs slightly in every way, including the roundabout at the top of the infotainment screen that houses air controls and the aircraft's propulsion switch. Additionally, the test vehicle appears to have an introductory show setup, but we can't confirm whether it will be available as a standard option or as a paid option.

As in the past, expect a long list of options from seats and upholstery to infotainment frames, and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

2021 Mini 3 door: the engines

Reduced reduction, no improvement in the global 3-door mini engine lineup. Incidentally, the standard mini hatchback in India is available in three doors and a convertible on the body in the Cooper S, which is powered by a 192 hp 2.0 liter super oil engine. It is believed that the updated Mini should go ahead with a similar engine option combined with a programmed 7-speed dual-clutch transmission.

The launch in India

Although the date has not been confirmed, it is hoped that Mini will eventually have to launch an updated model in India with 3 doors and a convertible imported as a CBU unit. Apart from the hatchback, Mini also offers the larger Countryman and Clubman SUVs in India


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