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Segmentwise Car Sales Statistics – May 2020

Segmentwise Sales Snapshot – 

  1. Mid SUV was the best selling segment of May’20. Even India’s best selling Car for May’20 was from this segment (Hyundai Creta). The segment saw the lowest YoY degrowth.

  2. MUV’s came second in the ranking table for the best selling segments. Here too; India’s second best selling car for May’20 – Ertiga was an MUV.

  3. Premium Hatchback segment registered more dispatches than the Compact Hatchbacks too and the segment ranked 3rd!

  4. Premium Sedan emerged as the worst performing segment for May’20. Only 39 Premium Sedans could be dispatched in May’20.

Lets see the best selling models in the respective segments for May 2020 – 

1. Mid-SUV Segment –

2. MUV Segment –

3. Premium Hatchback Segment – 

4. Compact Hatchback Segment – 

5. Compact SUV Segment – 

6. Compact Sedan Segment – 

7. Entry level Hatchback Segment – 

8. Vans – 

9. Executive Sedan Segment – 

10. Premium SUV Segment – 

11. Luxury Sedan Segment – 

12. Premium Sedan Segment – 


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