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Skoda’s Rapid overtook Ciaz and City in Executive Sedan sales for Q1 FY2021

Just 4,318 units of Executive Sedans were sold in the first quarter of FY21. And Hyundai’s Verna was the best selling sedan for Q1 FY21!

Things to note before going through the analysis:

  1. April 2020 registered ZERO sales due to the month-wide national lockdown.

  2. May 2020 too was hugely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and many parts of the country were still resuming businesses slowly.

  3. June 2020 saw the recovery trend and numbers improved. However; the uncertainty due the rising Covid19 still lurks around.

  1. Hyundai Verna sold almost 1.6 times than the second in line Skoda Rapid and was having a Market Share of 32%! The updated Verna has got the required traction for the model.

  2. Skoda Rapid was able to dethrone the likes of Maruti Ciaz and Honda City from the second spot and could garner a Market Share of 20% in FY21.

  3. Maruti Ciaz sold 745 units in Q1 FY21 and had a Market Share of 17% in Q1 FY21. It was followed by Honda City & VW Vento respectively.


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