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Statewise Car Sales – H1 FY18

We have been sharing the statewise car sales statistics since FY17 and we are happy to share the H1 stats for Apr’17-Sep’17 today. India is a vast market and the trend changes demographically. It is interesting to see the variance the states offer to the Automobiles market and the way they individually behave as well. Just to explain the complexity of our market, would want to highlight these points –

  1. India has 33 states (as per the consideration here & includes the Union Territories such as Pondicherry, etc)

  2. Maharashtra alone contributes to ~12% of national volumes!

  3. East Zone has highest number of states (13), but volume contribution is the least in 4 Zones

  4. In terms of land area, Rajasthan stands No. 1 in India (source). However in terms of Passenger Vehicle (PV) sales, it Ranks 9th! Trivia – Rajasthan is bigger than Oman in terms of area!

  5. The Top 2 states in terms of PV sales belong from West Zone. Also West is the No.1 Zone!

  6. In FY18, Jammu & Kashmir has witnessed the highest YoY growth (55%) in India!

Statewise & Quarterwise Passenger Cars Sales Data –

Please Note:

  1. The Zones have been ranked as per volumes

  2. In Every Zone, the States have been sorted as per their volumes. Ex: Kerala is the first state in South Zone (as it has the highest volume in the Zone for H1)

  3. Q1 & Q2 sales have been bifurcated accordingly. Also combined H1 sales is mentioned for clarity.

Ranking of States basis volumes:

  1. The 33 states have been ranked as per H1 volumes

  2. Every state’s contribution to All India volumes have been calculated as well

Industry Comparison with the same period Last Year:

  1. The Passenger Car Industry has grown by 9% in the first 6 months of this FY (v/s previous FY)

  2. Only 3 states have witnessed degrowth in FY18 (Maharashtra, Karnataka & Nagaland)

  3. As a Zone, East has grown the highest at 17% YoY


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