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Statewise & Citywise Hatchback Sales in India – FY2021

India has always been a Hatchback-dominated market and is hence favourable to automakers like Suzuki & Hyundai who have successful hatches in their portfolio. The likes of Toyota, Honda, and VW did try to capture pie in the segment; however, their share has always been low. In this article, we are going to assess the sales of Mid+Premium hatchbacks in the vast demography of India. Do note that the segment under study contributes to almost one-fourth of the passenger car sales in India!

It has been a rather impossible task to collate the statistics for the vast Indian market and the sheer number of models available on sale. However; we have tried our best to consolidate the data and present our article in terms of Statewise & Citywise Car Sales of FY2021 (Apr’20-Mar’21). Do note the mentioned points before going through the article –

  1. The figures reported here are Dispatch Data (cars dispatched from the OEMs to their respective authorized dealers).

  2. We have considered Mid Hatchback & Premium Hatchback sales figures here. Models in consideration are Baleno, Swift, i20, Grand i10, Glanza, Polo, Jazz, Freestyle, Ignis, and Altroz.

  3. The data shall not be 100% accurate. As these are dealer dispatch data; there may be a certain level of deviance. Ex: A dealer may be selling cars in multiple cities, but the dispatch data may be recorded to a central billing outlet.

Let us first see the Statewise Mid + Premium Hatchback Sales Figures for FY2021 –

  • Over 6.62 Lakh Mid + Premium Hatchbacks were sold in FY2021

  • More than 24 percent of the cars sold in India were Mid+Premium Hatchbacks!

  • Almost 70 percent of sales contribution came in from the Top 10 States! Do note that we have considered 33 States+Union Territories in the aforementioned table!

  • Maharashtra was the Top State in terms of Mid + Premium Hatchbacks Sales. It was undoubtedly the No.1 market in India in terms of Hatchback Sales and 9% of the cars were sold in Maharastra alone!

  • Gujarat came in 2nd and over 55k Mid + Premium Hatchbacks were sold in FY2020-21. Do note that both Gujarat & Maharashtra belong to the Western Region of India.

  • Uttar Pradesh topped the ranking among the Northern States and ranked 3rd in Overall. Around 53.6k Mid + Premium Hatchbacks were sold here in FY21.

  • Karnataka was the biggest state in South India in terms of Mid + Premium Hatchbacks sales! It outsold Kerala in FY2021.

  • No Eastern State fared in the Top 10 list.

We also present the visual representation of sales for better analysis here –

Color Gradient is used here – with shades of Red, Amber & Green to highlight sales volumes

Now you may wonder which Hatchback has a higher market share in the respective states. The Top Selling Hatches in the Top Selling States shall give a better picture –

  • Maruti's Swift has a clear dominance in a majority of the states and the No.1 selling Hatch in 6 out of the Top 10 states! Swift sells highest in Haryana (In FY2020, it was Kerala). The model has been able to successfully outsell Baleno in FY2021. However, Baleno + Glanza sales clearly overtake Swift volumes!

  • Baleno is the best-selling Mid/Premium Hatchback in Maharashtra which is the largest Mid/Premium Hatch market in India! Baleno is the highest-selling model in 4 (Maharastra, UP, Telangana& Rajasthan) out of the top 10 selling states! Baleno sells highest in Maharastra (In FY2020, it was UP).

  • Swift is the best-selling Mid/Premium Hatchback in Kerala. Do note that VW registered the highest sale for Polo in Kerala among all other states. Also, it is interesting to see Glanza volumes here – Kerala has been one of the biggest markets for Toyota India and Glanza sales is a testimony of it. Tata has gained tremendous traction in Kerala recently - Altroz outsold i10 + i20 combined in this market! Altroz sales were higher than Baleno as well! Swift, Altroz, Glanza & Polo sells highest in Kerala market in India!

  • Honda’s Jazz recorded the highest sales in Tamil Nadu in FY2021.

Market Share Comparision in the Top 10 States -

  • Swift has the highest Market Share in Haryana!

  • Delhi emerged as the strongest market for Baleno and Swift in FY2021.

  • Baleno, i20 & Grand i10 has the lowest share in Kerala.

  • Gujarat and Rajasthan markets were the stronghold of i20 and i10 Nios.

  • Altroz sales were impressive in markets like Kerala, Karnataka & Maharashtra.

  • VW Polo has a strong presence in Kerala & TN.

Top 10 Cities in India in terms of Mid/Premium Hatchback sales along with the best selling models –

  • Delhi is the biggest city in terms of Mid/Premium Hatchback Sales and is quite ahead of second in line Bangalore! Swift was the best-selling Mid/Premium Hatchback in Delhi for FY2021.

  • Around 28,598 Mid/Premium Hatchbacks were sold in Bangalore alone in FY2021. This made Bangalore the second largest city in India in terms of Mid/Premium Hatchback sales. The best selling Mid/Premium Hatchback here was again Maruti’s Swift.

  • Hyderabad ranked 3rd and around 27,581 Mid/Premium Hatchbacks were sold in the last Financial Year. Baleno was the best selling hatchback in Hyderabad and recorded sales of 7,957 units in FY2021. Hyderabad was also the biggest market for Tata Altroz in terms of volumes. Altroz recorded sales of 2,660 units last financial year.

  • These top 10 cities contribute 27% of the total premium hatchback volume in India.

  • Grandi10, Glanza, Polo & Jazz sells highest (absolute volumes) in Bangalore.

Statewise Sales - FY2021 v/s FY2020

  • 19 out of 33 States/UTs have de grown in Premium Hatchback volumes in FY2021

  • Amongst the Top 10 markets - Maharashtra, Karnataka, Telangana have grown by 7%, 4% & 13% respectively

  • Amongst the Top 10 markets, Delhi has de-grown the highest by 18%, followed by Gujrat at 8% degrowth.

  • West Bengal, MP, AP, Bihar, and HP have grown much better than the top 10 markets!

  • Out of the bottom 10 markets, Tripura, Dadra& Nagar haveli, Nagaland & Sikkim have grown

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