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Statewise & Citywise Compact SUV Sales in India – FY2020 (Part 3)

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We shall cover the Compact SUV sales for FY2020 in the West Zone in this post. West Zone contributed to almost 31% of the Compact SUV Sales in the previous FY and was the second largest zone in terms of volumes. The States / UTs considered in the West Zone are – Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Goa and Dadra & Nager Haveli. The Statewise contribution to the Zonal volumes is as highlighted.

  1.  Maharashtra was the No.1 State for the West Zone (and All India No.2). With sales of 38,516 Compact SUVs in FY2020; it was just 1.4k units behind Uttar Pradesh.

  2. Gujarat which the country’s No.1 State in terms of Hatchback Sales; ranked No.3 in terms of nationwide C-SUV sales. However; it was behind Maharashtra by a huge margin for C-SUV sales and ranked second in the statewise tally for the zone.

  3. Rajasthan ranked third with sales of 19,948 units of C-SUVs for FY2020. The rough terrains in Rajasthan makes the C-SUVs apt for the budget conscious customers and find higher acceptance too.

  4. MP, Chattisgarh, Goa & Dadra Nager Haveli ranked 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th respectively.

Let us now look at the West Zone Statewise & Modelwise Compact SUV Sales/Market Share for FY2020 –

  1. Hyundai’s Venue outsold the Maruti Brezza in 4 States in West Zone! Venue sales were higher than the Brezza in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh & Goa.

  2. Maruti Brezza was the Best Selling Compact SUV in Gujarat, Rajasthan and Dadra & Nager Haveli. Brezza’s Market Share in West Zone was 32% and it recorded the highest market share in Dadra & Nager Haveli.

  3. Tata’s Nexon sold the highest in Maharashtra and also registered the highest Market Share in the same state. Do note that Maharashtra is also the home state for Tata Motors (as the plant is situated there).

  4. Ford saw the highest acceptance for the Ecosport in Gujarat and had the highest market share in Gujarat for the zone.

  5. Mahindra fared better in MP & Chattisgarh. Both XUV300 & TUV300 had the highest market share in these states.

We now present the Top 20 cities in West Zone for Compact SUV Sales in the FY2020 – 

  1. Pune recorded the highest sale of Compact SUVs in FY2020. It even outsold Mumbai to become the No.1 city in West Zone in terms of C-SUV sales. It also highlights how car sales in Mumbai is stagnating over time.

  2. Ahmedabad & Jaipur sold almost equivalent units of C-SUVs as that of Mumbai and best selling city in terms of C-SUV sales for Gujarat & Rajasthan respectively.

  3. Compact SUV sales in Indore was marginally higher than Bhopal! With this; Indore also became the No.1 City in Madhya Pradesh for Compact SUV Sales in FY2020.

  4. Nagpur became the third city from Maharashtra to fare in the Top 10 cities for West Zone. Around 3,271 units of C-SUVs were sold in the city in the previous fiscal.

  5. Notable sales recorded by Surat, Gwalior, Raipur and Thane too for their respective states.


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