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SUV mania has gripped the Indian PV market, and Maruti reign supreme in July 2023!


  • SUV body style market share reaches 50% of the Indian PV mass-market in July 2023

  • Maruti’s market share reaches to 25% in the SUV segment

  • Maruti Brezza (16,543) is the best-selling monocoque SUV followed by Hyundai Creta (14,062)

  • Mahindra Scorpio (10,522) is the best-selling ladder chassis SUV, followed by Mahindra Bolero (8,921)

Body style

SUV body style mix reached the 50% mark in July 2023 with a slew of new products introduced in the last couple of months and, of course, higher sales of several existing successful products in the market. Hatchbacks took the biggest hit as mix declined to 28% in July 2023.

SUV Manufacturers

Maruti took the SUV crown away from long-standing SUV leader Mahindra in July 2023, on the back of the launches of Fronx and Jimny in the last quarter.

Maruti currently has four products in the SUV category, with the Grand Vitara having an optional AWD system and the Jimny having proper 4WD hardware. The Fronx and Brezza don’t have any AWD options.

With three SUV products in the sub-4-meter segment, Maruti has fortified its position in the high-growth category by covering multiple price points. Additionally, from a branding standpoint, Jimny's strong off-road credentials will positively rub-off other products.

With this, Maruti is currently in pole position in all the segments, including hatchback, sedan, and, MUV.

SUV Products

SUVs can be broadly divided into two categories: The one with a monocoque chassis that has SUV ‘form’ but lacks ‘factor’, often due to limited off-road capability, which also means lighter weight and better fuel economy. High ground clearance and a commanding position from the inside are the major functional benefits, and an upright and imposing stance is the emotional benefit offered by this category of vehicle that caught the imagination of the Indian audience. This is why Tata and now Hyundai have broadened their offering by introducing even smaller SUVs like Punch and Exter, respectively.

83% of SUV sales volume comes from monocoque bodies, and the diesel mix is low at 23%. However, there are much more diversified fuel options available, including electric, CNG, and strong hybrid tech in this category.

The second category is conventional ladder-frame SUVs, which are more rugged and have proper off-road performance capabilities. That also means not-so-great on-road dynamics and high fuel consumption. Only 17% of SUV sales volume comes from ladder-frame bodies, and the diesel mix is as high as 93%. People prefer them simply because they are more imposing and abuse friendly.


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