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Tata Motors' rapid growth rate, beats Maruti, Hyundai, Kia, Mahindra, and others

The month of April LY saw zero dispatches in the Auto Industry, hence the column of growth has been kept blank.

The Car sales figures grew by about 86.36% Year till date ( January 2021 to July 2021). If we look at a volume perspective, this was about 8,67,578 units for YTD. Nissan growth volumes may seem to be more than normal, this is primarily due to the low base and launch of the new SUV.

  • A total of about 9 OEMs have grown above the Industry Average. Namely Nissan, Tata, Fiat, VW, MG, Toyota, Honda, Mahindra, and Kia.

  • The Big fish Maruti & Hyundai grew below the Industry average. Also, did Renault, Skoda, and ford.

  • Tata Motors' stellar run at the PV segment continues. Tata motors seem to get everything right for themselves. Right from having a product in each of the segments. They have a well-balanced portfolio of a hatchback, premium hatchback compact sedans to compact SUVs and premium SUVs. To this one can add great marketing campaigns and a strong sales push. This resulted in TATA Motors, growing more than 100% every single month of the Calendar year 2021-2022.

  • This is despite the fact that Tata Motors has grown year after year in terms of PV volumes, we generally see OEM's grow in a particular year or two, and then the volume kind of saturates, however, TML seems to continue to grow and grow handsomely.

  • Fiat with its new SUV has managed to garner some volume growth. Even though the pricing of the JEEP SUVs are a premium Fiat continues to garner some traction and has built volumes around its positioning. VW has worked on its lower base and picked up volumes. MG with the launch of new SUVs has managed to deliver growth consistently.

  • Toyota with a shift of portfolio from MSIL has managed to get some volumes in the Non- Innova segments. This has helped Toyota to more than double its volumes and grow at over 100%

  • Kia & Hyundai manage to grow at below 100%. The new launch of Hyundai Alcazar with definitely help its cause. And Kia after losing its rank 4 spot to Mahindra is looking at stabilizing the volumes with its two products. Indeed the growth and volume story would change once again, with its launch of new PVs that are scheduled shortly.

With the festive periods just begun in August, it is for sure that the auto industry will further pick up volumes, however, the consistent constraints of production due to global lockdowns and chip shortages will challenge the OEMs in terms of what can be produced and how much. One thing remains for sure, that the auto Industry's growth rate this year will be a stellar show and year to grow and remember.

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