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Tata Motors registered total sales of 62,192 units in November 2021, Grows by 25% over last year!

Tata Motors Limited sales in the domestic & international market for November 2021 stood at 62,192 vehicles, compared to 49,650 units during November 2020.

Domestic Sales Performance:

Domestic - Commercial Vehicles:

Total MHCVs sales in November 2021 including M&HCV Truck, Buses, and International Business stood at 9,505 units, compared to 6,340 units in November 2020.

Domestic - Passenger Vehicles:

  • Tata Motors EV sales shoot up over 4 times in November 2021 when compared to November 2020. Tata sold 1,751 Passenger EVs in Nov'21 and recorded its all-time highest monthly electric sales volume!

  • With the successful launch of Punch, Tata Motors PV ICE sales too increased by 32 percent YoY.


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