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The Best Time to Buy a New Car is NOW!

December generally is a good month for buyers considering the high (rather it is highest) discounts on offer. However; December 2019 is a special month as both Car Makers & Authorized Dealers would want to liquidate as many BS-4 models as they can considering the upcoming CAFE norms & BS-6 transition. This has led to the discounting levels unheard of in the industry. Ex: Honda Cars which was known to offer ZERO discounts years back; currently is offering a stupendous Rs.5 Lakhs on the CR-V! Tata too isn’t much behind – It is marketing the current discounts as the highest in the decade and is offering upto Rs.2.25 Lakhs on the Hexa! So if you are planning to buy a new car; you’ll never find a better time than this.

We have compiled the discounts on offer on the mass market models for analysis. The table visualizes the discounts available on the models in our comparison (highest to lowest) –

Also find mentioned the OEM & Model-wise discounts available –

For better understanding of how the OEMs are marketing the aforementioned offers; we have compiled the Paper Ad creatives too –

Maruti –

Nexa –

Hyundai –

Mahindra –

Tata Motors –

Renault –


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