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The Escape ain’t over my friend

Mahindra Great Escape – Mysore

The Great Escape – Offroad Adventure Series by Mahindra continued its trail in Mysore on September 3rd 2011. This was the second event held in Karnataka within past two months and have already lined up a third in Sakleshpur on 10th September. The participants were very enthralled as the event was taking place for the first time in Mysore. The ROYAL city had welcomed the guests with mild showers the previous evening and the weather was all set to make the track all more exciting. All the participants were gathered at the very beautiful venue – Silent Shores Resort and had the initial briefing.

Silent Shores Resort, Mysore

The event took off with a slew of Thar’s, Scorpio’s, MM540’s and a single Xylo. It was open for both 2WD and 4WD vehicles.

Flag off

The convoy had to cover a trail of 95 kms and a stretch full of mud, sand, slush, rock, sand, filth and damp soil. Although the track wasn’t all difficult to conquer, it did have some very exciting points which tested the driving capability of the vehicle to the fullest. It had a line of 28 vehicles which acted as brothers in arms and amazed the audience it had during the whole path. Most of the villagers thought that some Sandalwood (Kannada) movie was being shot and were searching for the Actor ‘Darshan’.

The excitement among the crowd kept us entertained too

The most amazing part of the drive was the unexplored and striking meet with nature. The lakes, fields, narrow ways, slush and the drizzle helped us “re-claim” our part of life.

Now coming to the heart of the show – the participants itself!!!

First initiated in 1996, the Mahindra Great Escapes have evolved into spectacular weekend events. The routes are meticulously chosen to ensure excitement without compromising on safety. All through the route, there are rescue vehicles to help those in need. In addition, there are experts along the route who are ready to guide the drivers through difficult terrain that may require skilful driving.

The Best Pic


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