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This Financial Year 21-22: Q1 Analysis of Indian Auto Industry. [ UV/ Car/ Commercial /2W/3W]

The Indian Auto Industry saw a total Volume of 31,80,039 units this Q1 for FY 2021-2022. This was almost double the LY volumes at a staggering 113.05% growth. The volume growth stood at 16,87,400 units against LY.

  • The Two wheeler Industry again, had the Lion’s share in terms of volume and registered a volume of 24,03,591 units. However This was the slowest growing Sector.

  • The next was PVs- Passenger Vehicles, which sold about 6,46,272 units. This was the highest growing category of the automobile industry. The growth was over 4,29,538 units.

  • The Commercial Vehicles got back it’s mojo with a respectable 1L+ units sold in Q1. However, the Three wheeler Industry seems to still play catch up with the rest and registered a volume of 24,376 units.

  • The Motor Cycles continued to dominate the Indian Two Wheeler Industry with a growth of 92.98%, it sold 17,40,198 units. The Scooter segment seemed to play on a slower turf with a 74% growth and registered a volume of 5,92,445 units. Mopeds saw 69,009 units, which was rather flat.

  • The Three wheeler Industry is still playing catch up with the rest. The passenger carrier had a handsome show of more than 127% growth, with a volume of 15,769 units. However, the goods carrier had a slower growth rate of only 47.35%, it registered 8,607 units.

  • The commercial Vehicles saw a total volume of 1,05,800 units. This was a handsome growth of 74,164 units. The growth was 234% over LY Q1. The growth came from the Heavy commercial and medium commercial segment, which grew by a massive 562%. IT registered 29,158 units. The LCV segment saw a volume of 67,642 units, which was about 49,409 units better.

  • The Passenger Vehicles saw a stellar growth. All three of the sub categories grew around the 300% range. The Cars maintained it’s dominance with 3,37,191 units. UV’s grew the highest with 2,87,092 units. Vans maintained its share with 22,989 units.


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