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This year 2021 YTD: Maruti Retains Rank-1 followed by Hyundai, Tata & Kia. Top 5 Car Manufacturers

Analysis Period: January 2021 to May 2021.

The Indian car Industry saw a decent run from January 2021 up to April 2021. However, last month May did throw the production out of gear and we saw a dip in production last month. Despite the consistent lockdowns and halt in production, we are poised to grow this calendar year over 2020, and grow handsomely. June will see a strong comeback since the production has started at almost all OEMs. Another point to note is, the growth figures this year will seem high for the obvious reason that last year we had zero production in the month of April 2020, which means we are a full month ahead of last year.

  • This year to date we have seen a volume of 13,22,172 units. Against last year's volume of 6,90,013. The growth seems strong and high over a weak base. The growth stood at 6,32,159 units.

  • The top 5 car OEMs have one change. Tata Motors has jumped two positions from Rank5 to Rank 3. Maruti continues to lead the pack, followed by Hyundai. Kia comes forth followed by Mahindra.

  • Maruti has lost the highest Market Share of -7.39%. Followed by Ford which dropped market share by -0.51%. The other OEM to lose market share was Skoda which lost -0.16%. The biggest gainer in market share was TATA Motors, which gained a staggering 4.29%. All other OEMs had a less than 1% gain in market share.

  • The Highest growth in volume came from Maruti of about 2,35,260 units, one can attribute it to the higher volume and higher gain characteristic of Maruti. Followed by Hyundai with 1,15,013 and Tata with 88,984 unit growth.

  • On a percentage basis, the highest growth came from Tata Motors with 253.15% growth, Tata continues its dream run in the market. Mahindra, Toyota & MG delivered more than 100% growth. One would have to look at Nissan which delivered 363.25% growth.

  • The Industry average has stood at 2,64,434 units. Which was a growth of 1,26,432 units. Which is almost double the volumes of last year's YTD.

Top Gainers :

  • Highest Volume for the Year Till Date: Maruti Suzuki.

  • Highest Volume Growth for the Year Till Date: Maruti Suzuki.

  • Highest Volume Growth Percentage for the Year Till Date: Nissan.

  • Highest Market Share for the Year Till Date: Maruti Suzuki.

  • Highest Market Share Growth for the Year Till Date: Tata Motors.

With the production constraints being worked upon and the logistical challenges reducing along with the chip shortage getting eased, we can see a further strengthening of supply in the car industry. To this, we can add the pent-up demand, increased need for personal mobility, and enhancing financial offerings, the car industry is poised for a strong growth year 2021.


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