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THIS YEAR, JANUARY TO JULY: Country of Origin Sales. Japan maintains lead over Korea and India.

The car auto industry saw a total volume of 18,72,129 units, this year YTD. This was a whopping growth of 8,67,578 units. LY YTD the Industry stood at 10,45,551 units. The growth can be attributed to elements, such as the low base of LY, growth of the SUV segment, and the stepping up of production from the top 5 OEMs.

We have the Indian Auto Industry dominated by OEM's from three countries: Japan, Korea, and India. The Japnese OEMs have stronger presence due to the share of Suzuki's volumes going there. And same is the case with Hyundai having greater share with the Hyundai's volumes being counted under it. The Indian OEM's TATA & Mahindra together continue to build their volumes from strenght to strength.

  • Janapnese OEM's continue to hold greater than 50% market share. In other words, every second car produced in India, comes from their stable. Toyota's increasing volumes has helped keep the market share intact aboe the 53.60% mark.

  • The Korean sibblings, Kia & Hyundai continue to hold fold. While in a few months, their contribution increases. however they have mantinaed the lowest at 21%.The average for the year stands at 23.01%

  • Tata's increasing volumes along with Mahindra being able to displace Kia for rank 4, means the share of Indian OEM's will continue to rise drastically. The month on month increase is visible and the currently it stands at 15.72%

  • The rest of the country of Origin OEMs continue to have a less than 10% share of the total car Sales. China has the MG motors and US has GM. The rest of the volumes from Czech, Italy and France continue to be low and currently not in a situaiton where they challenge the dominance of Japanese & Korean OEMs.


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