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Travel Tips: How to travel with your pet dog.

Have you put off your travels because you had apprehensions about travelling with your pets? Well here are a few pointers, which might help you to plan your travel better the next time.

Travel for your pet dog can be a bit stressful if they are not used to travelling in a car. Here are a few tips which might help in overcoming that.

1. Introduce your pet to shorter travel distances and try to increase the distance of the trips gradually. If you have a puppy get them started at the young age itself.

2. Pets are an individual and they need a space in your car. Don’t overfill your car with luggage and give the leftover space for your pet. Luggage space comes after the space required for your pet.

3. Train your pets to sit or lay down in the given space and not come over to the front of the car. This can lead to mishaps if they unexpectedly crawl into the driving space. So discipline them to stay in the back row seats and not come forward.

4. Keeping them hydrated and light snacks is the key to long-distance trips.

5. Understand your pets Bio needs and give adequate stops for them.

6. We would recommend windows closed and the air-conditioner on. Every half an hour to one hour you can switch the recycle mode on for 5 minutes. This will keep the air fresh and will help in reducing fatigue levels.

7. Pets are normally less stressed if one family member sits with him/her in the back seat throughout the travel. Patting or caressing them helps them to settle down and be calm.

8. If travelling through hills or mountains, take the twist and turns slower or else it can get uneasy for your pets and might throw up.

Looking into the safety aspects now. There are a few products available in the market which can keep your pets safe and make your drive comfortable.

1. Seatbelt Dog Leash.

This can be bought at pet stores or on Online Shopping sites. It’s a short leash that can be clipped into any seatbelt buckle. It would be advisable to attach this leash to a body harness than to the collar.

2. Car Seat Cover for Dogs.

This also can be bought from pet stores or Online Shopping sites. This protects your car seat and also creates a barrier for your pet from bumping around. It also acts as a deterrent from coming over to the front of the car.

So next time plan your trip with your pet and enjoy your travels together.


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