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UV SEGMENT VOLUMES Q1: Maruti Beats Hyundai to regain Rank 1in the segment.

The UV Industry in India for Q1 stood at 2,86,092 units. This was more than a three fold growth of 68,023 units over LY same period.

UV Continue to be the fastest growing sub category of the Indian Passenger Vehicles. UV also continued to grab greater share in the total PV sales and is stated to beat even the PC- Passenger Cars segment in the Quarters to come.

  • Maruti Suzuki, got back it’s rank 1 UV rank this Year with a volume of about 60,011 units. This was a gain of about 1.28% in the UV market share. Clearly Maruti doesn’t want to be known as only a car manufacturer and knows it’s numbers to fight back it’s share of the UV segment.

  • Hyundai Lost it’s number spot to Maruti and registered a market share of 19.45% in the UV segment, this was a drop of about 3.84% in the UV segment for Hyundai. It managed to sell about 55,634 units in Q1.

  • Mahindra managed to grab the podium finish by a thin margin over Kia. Mahindra registered 42,570 units. Kia on the other hand registered 42,176 units. Both were very close in terms of the third rank finish. However, one needs to note that this has happened on the back ground of Mahindra loosing more than 2% in the UV market share and Kia has gained over 1.61% in it’s UV market share.

  • Tata Motors has shown massive growth in the UV segment. Against a low volume of about 4.4k it sold more than 31,303 units in Q1 of FY 21-22. Tata also was the highest gainer in terms of UV market share and achieved 4.36% growth in it's market share.


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