Passenger Vehicle Exports Statistics – April to July 2020

Maruti Suzuki has emerged as India’s largest passenger vehicle exporter for Apr-July 2020 period. Maruti was marginally ahead by the erstwhile leader Hyundai.

Exports took a major hit this year due to disruption in manufacturing plants owing to lockdowns. Only 77,769 passenger vehicles were exported between Apr-July 2020 timeframe which was -66.8% lower than the same period last year.

*Includes Mahindra Electric
  • While the domestic sales were low; Maruti Suzuki seems to have clearly focused in increasing its exports. It has significantly improved its exports market share from 15.5% last year to 20.6% in FY2021.
  • Hyundai recorded one of the highest YoY degrowth in exports and has lost the highest market share in this financial year.
  • VW has improved its exports market share and was able to overtake the likes of Ford by a small margin (just 6 units).
  • Kia has made a strong entry in exports too! The OEM was able to topple the likes of GM, Nissan & Mahindra in terms of passenger vehicle exports with just 1 model!

Top 25 Exported Passenger Vehicles in India (Apr-July’20) – 

  • VW Vento became India’s highest exported passenger vehicle for FY2021! Around 8,983 units of Vento were exported in the first four months of FY21.
  • Ford Ecosport ranked second with export volumes of 8,850 units in the said timeframe.
  • Kia Seltos was India’s third most exported vehicle for the Financial Year! The Seltos is already being exported to numerous countries in the Middle East, Asia as well as Latin America. Kia is going extremely aggressive in terms of exports too and is planning to export the upcoming Sonet to almost 70 countries in this year!
  • GM’s Talegaon plant is still exporting the Beat and the model ranked fourth in the list. The plant was said to have been sold to the Chinese Great Wall Motors.
  • Verna was Hyundai’s highest exported model and India’s fifth most exported passenger vehicle for FY21.
  • Surprisingly S-Presso was Maruti’s dark horse in terms of exports and almost 4,055 units were exported in the first four months of FY21. The model stood 6th in the list.

One thought to “Passenger Vehicle Exports Statistics – April to July 2020”

  1. Right models and right tech for the export markets is the best practice. Kia proved it with its strategy. The likes of Toyota sold huge volumes of pick up trucks in the middle east in the middle of wars. There is still a lot of potential for ICE-powered cars around the world. With Europe ruled out of car exports with co2 taxes, this trend is likely to continue as it is unrelated to covid. Economics can change trend if whole of Europe stops making ICE cars for profitability reasons, they could just be made in the Indian factories and exported. Mahindra could have done better with an aggressive EV strategy after buying REVA, but that didn’t happen. Indian OEMs traditionally do not invest much in research. They could take up the iron ion battery research from one of the IIT (IITM) that’s working on and build affordable and eco-friendly battery packs that can go into cars and buses.

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