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57% of MG Hectors sold in 2019 was from Petrol Versions

MG Motors India sold 15,930 units of the Mid-SUV Hector in the year 2019 and over 57% of the sales came in from Petrol variants!

Morris Garages (MG) had launched its first offering Hector in the Indian sub-continent in June 2019 and has sold an average of 2,275 units/mth last year since launch. The car was pitted against the likes of Jeep Compass and Hyundai Creta where the diesel variants had a major pie in the overall sales.

The primary reason for Petrol variants getting higher acceptance is due to multiple options available for the model. MG offers Hector in 3 Petrol configurations – Petrol Manual Transmission, Petrol Hybrid Manual Transmission & Petrol DCT (Automatic). However; Diesel is available just in a Manual avatar. The bet played by MG worked well and 57% of the customers opted for the Petrol Hectors.

Similar trend was seen in Kia’s Seltos sales figures too. Near to 55% of Seltos sold were Petrols. Even Kia had special focus on Petrol Engine configurations where Tech line & GT line was offered to woo more customers. The higher acceptance for Petrol was pretty different when compared to sibling Creta’s case too. Petrol Creta’s were only 31% of Creta’s sales and Diesels contributed to 69% of overall Creta’s sales.


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