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Bajaj Auto - February 2021 Statistics

Bajaj Auto records a 7% YoY increase in Two Wheeler Sales (Domestic+Exports). However; it saw a dip of -5% YoY in CV sales.

February 2021 Statistics -

  • Do note that Bajaj continues to outperform in Exports. The OEM registered a YoY increase of 12% in Two Wheelers and 16% in the case of Commercial Vehicles when Exports are considered. The Exports volume shot a double-digit 13% YoY for Bajaj in Feb'21.

  • Domestic Volumes remain feeble for the manufacturer. Two Wheelers sales in the Domestic market was almost flat at 1% YoY growth and CV volumes fell by a massive -27% in Feb'21 v/s Feb'20.

YTD volumes for Bajaj Auto -

  • Bajaj Commercial Vehicle sales has seen extreme strain in FY2021 and it fell -48% in Apr'20-Feb'21 v/s Apr'19-Feb'20.

  • CV Sales in the Domestic Market fell even worse and recorded -73% YoY volumes. Covid-19 pandemic and rise of Electric 3Ws were the key reasons for the drop.

  • Exports surpassed Bajaj Auto's Domestic volumes in FY2021. Exports constituted over 52% of Bajaj Auto's overall volumes in Apr'20-Feb'21 period.


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