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Bajaj Pulsar records the highest growth in India for FY 2021

Updated: May 4, 2021

The Two-wheeler Industry saw a strong volume contraction in the early H1 of FY 2021. However, it also saw a strong comeback in H2 of FY2021. When you see such a strong drop in volumes, one must note and appreciate those brands that have turned the tide and have grown despite the market situation.

The top 10 fastest growing two-wheelers contributed a volume of about 19,86,937 numbers with a growth of about 7,34,925 numbers.

  • Bajaj Pulsar saw a strong growth of about 2,91,738 numbers. Bajaj Pulsar in total registered a volume of about 4,51,423 numbers. This triple-digit growth stood out totally from the rest.

  • Next, we had Honda Unicorn, which again registered a strong volume growth of 2,14, 455 numbers. This was a four-digit growth in terms of percentage. The volume registered was 2,29,513.

  • The Hero Xtreme ( less than 200 cc ) bike came a close fourth with a growth of 39,862 numbers. The volumes stood at 48,403 numbers

  • Fifth on the list was Honda CB Shine, with another 39,817 growth in volume numbers. The total numbers registered by Shine were 9,88,201 numbers.

  • The Top 5 highest growing bikes contributed a volume of about 17,57,433 and a growth of about 6,25,765 numbers.


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