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Civic sees an ‘Epic’ fall in numbers for Apr’19

Civic had an impressive launch and Mar’19 offtake of 2,291 units had showed some promise from the model and we somehow hoped that it shall resurrect the segment. However; the scenario changed in Apr’19 and Civic has reported a drop of -84% MoM! The volumes fell to 369 units in Apr’19 from 2,291 units in Mar’19. The plunge in Civic numbers shall again raise serious doubts on the future of the segment and re-instate consumers preference of SUVs over Sedans.

Let’s look at the segment volumes – 

  1. Civic topped the segment and was 142 units ahead of the next bestseller Octavia.

  2. The overall segment grew 19% owing to addition of Civic’s volumes.

  3. All models apart from Civic reported a double-digit degrowth.

  4. With tapering Elantra volumes; Hyundai should expedite the launch of the next-generation model.

  5. Hope Civic shows some fight and average atleast 700 units/month to add substantial value to the segment.


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