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Delhi’s Transport Minister speculates Delhi to be the EV Capital of India

Mr. Kailash Galot, Delhi Transport Minister believes that Delhi is on the path of becoming the Electric Vehicle (EV) capital of India. His speculation is based upon the government’s decision of installing a charging point at a distance of 3 km around the city.

His claims state that Delhi has begun the journey to the peak in terms of the adoption of electric vehicles and thereby developing the adequate infrastructure that could aid the transition to electric vehicles. He believes that as the charging station will be installed every 3 km, the people would get confident to choose EVs.

The considerate step towards this decision is that the governing authority has drifted a tender for building 100 public charging stations that would have 500 charging points at the prime locations of the city. These are expected to be functional by December.

Thereby, the transport minister added that all the edifices like the shopping complexes, cinema halls, hotels, office spaces, restaurants or the hospitals would have to set aside nearly 5% of their parking area for electronic vehicles and their charging.


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