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Discounts & offers on Honda Cars Models for October 2023

Honda, a prominent name in the automotive industry, has rolled out attractive discounts and offers on select car models for the month of October 2023.

Here's a breakdown of the discounts and offers on various Honda car models:


For those aspiring to drive home the Honda Amaze, October 2023 offers an incredible opportunity. The Amaze model is adorned with a Cash Discount of INR 15,000, a Loyalty Bonus of INR 4,000, a generous Honda to Honda Exchange Bonus of INR 15,000, and an exclusive Corporate Discount of INR 23,000. All combined, this totals to a whopping benefit of INR 57,000.

  • Cash Discount: INR 15,000

  • Loyalty Bonus: INR 4,000

  • Honda to Honda Exchange Bonus: INR 15,000

  • Corporate Discount: INR 23,000

  • Total Benefits: INR 57,000


The City from Honda, synonymous with luxury and performance, embraces the spirit of giving in October 2023. Avail yourself of a Cash Discount amounting to INR 25,000, along with a Loyalty Bonus of INR 4,000 and an attractive Honda to Honda Exchange Bonus of INR 21,000. Adding to the allure is a Corporate Discount of INR 25,000. Collectively, this results in a substantial benefit of INR 75,000.

City Petrol:

  • Cash Discount: INR 25,000

  • Loyalty Bonus: INR 4,000

  • Honda to Honda Exchange Bonus: INR 21,000

  • Corporate Discount: INR 25,000

  • Total Benefits: INR 75,000

City eHEV Hybrid

While the City eHEV Hybrid stands as a testament to Honda's commitment to a sustainable future, no official discounts are currently available for this model. However, prospective buyers can rest assured that Honda's dedication to excellence and innovation remains unchanged.

City eHEV Hybrid: No Official Discounts.

It's essential to note that the Corporate Discount varies and is higher in a specific category. Additionally, all discounts and offers are applicable for a limited period and are specific to select models and variants. Offer availability may vary from state to state and from dealer to dealer.

Prospective buyers are encouraged to contact their nearest Honda dealership to get the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding these discounts and offers.


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