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Discounts & Offers on NEXA Cars Models for January 2024

As the new year kicks in, car enthusiasts and prospective buyers keen on owning a Maruti Nexa car have a reason to rejoice. January 2024 brings forth a wave of exciting discounts and offers across various NEXA models. These offers aim to entice buyers with lucrative deals on both MY (Model Year) 2024 and MY 2023 stock, making the prospect of owning a Maruti Nexa car even more compelling.

Let's delve into the specific offers available on different NEXA car models:


  • MY 2024 Stock: Enjoy up to Rs 25,000 Cash Discount along with a remarkable Rs 15,000 Exchange Bonus.

  • MY 2023 Stock: Avail an even more substantial offer of up to Rs 40,000 Cash Discount and the same Rs 15,000 Exchange Bonus.


  • MY 2024 Stock: Revel in a Rs 10,000 Cash Discount in addition to a generous Rs 15,000 Exchange Bonus.

  • MY 2023 Stock: The previous year's models offer a higher cash benefit of up to Rs 25,000 alongside the same Exchange Bonus of Rs 15,000.


  • MY 2024 Stock: There is no direct cash discount, but a noteworthy Rs 15,000 Cash Benefit is available on the Turbo variant.


  • MY 2024 Stock: Offers a lucrative Rs 25,000 Exchange Bonus.

  • MY 2023 Stock: Alternatively, opt for up to Rs 25,000 Cash Discount along with a similarly appealing Rs 25,000 Exchange Bonus.


  • MY 2024 Stock: Solely offers a Corporate Discount.

  • MY 2023 Stock: Delight in a significant Rs 50,000 Cash Discount on the Zeta variant or an even higher Rs 1 Lakh Cash Discount on the Alpha variant.


  • Unfortunately, there are no specific offers available for the XL6 model, with no stock currently on offer.

Grand Vitara

  • MY 2024 Stock: Obtain a substantial Rs 20,000 Exchange Bonus on all variants, except the Sigma model.

  • MY 2023 Stock: Enjoy a lower cash benefit of up to Rs 15,000 combined with a higher Exchange Bonus of Rs 20,000 limited to select models.

Additionally, Maruti Suzuki Cars offers an additional Corporate Discount of up to Rs 5000 on selected models, adding more value to these enticing offers.

Terms and conditions apply to these limited-period offers, exclusively available through Nexa Showrooms. It's important to note that the availability of these offers may vary based on location and dealership, so prospective buyers are encouraged to visit their nearest Nexa showroom to take advantage of these incredible deals.

*"Scrappage Bonus applicable in cases as per Policy (Either of Exchange Bonus or Scrappage bonus will be applicable) from 3rd JAN-31st Jan'24

ISL Offers are the Highest Offers in particular segment and may vary based on the eligibility of the customer.


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