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Domestic Sales v/s Exports Statistics – FY19 MTD

While the domestic sales of passenger vehicles have slowed down; the exports statistics has been disappointing too this year. The Domestic volumes have grown by a meager 3.27% in the past 11 months and Exports have dropped by a hefty -10% in the same timeline. We are not sure if India’s losing the competitive advantage in terms of production and this could hamper the sub-continent’s plan of becoming Asia’s production hub.

Stats for Apr’18 to Feb’19

Snippets from the statistics shown above:

  1. Hyundai is leading the Export OEM Rankings and was ahead of Ford with a margin of just 1,573 units. Mar’19 exports volumes will decide on who’ll Top the rankings table for FY18-19.

  2. Ford exports almost 1.7 times the volumes that it actually sells in the country. Making India a export base has helped Ford to rightly utilize the production capacity and ensure loses are minimized.

  3. Similar to Ford; the OEMs whose exports are higher than the domestic sales are – GM, VW & Nissan. In fact; GM is using its Talegaon facility only for exports as the domestic operations have ceased.

  4. Maruti Suzuki’s export numbers are minuscule when compared to its domestic volumes. With capacity expansion in place; we were expecting the exports volumes to grow for India’s biggest automaker.


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