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Electric Vehicle Sales Data – India (Cars)

We have been consistently receiving requests to cover Indian Electric Vehicle Sales reports too. However; the size of electric vehicles is so minuscule that many a times the data is either not available or is extremely negligible. For Ex: Only 1071 Electric Cars were sold in India from April 2019 to October 2019 (7 months) out of overall 16,05,549 cars sold. Electric Vehicle Sales contributed to only 0.067% of overall cars sales in India! As usual; we are happy to present the best selling Electric Cars in India –

  1. Verito Electric was the best selling electric car in the mentioned time frame. It sold an average of 62 cars/mth.

  2. Tigor came in close second where it sold 389 cars in the 7 months time period and its average was 56 cars/mth.

  3. Kona has made good progress and sold 227 units in the 5 months since its launch and averaged at 45 units/mth.

  4. E2O has completely lost the first mover advantage and is losing out on volumes heavily. At present; only 3 cars/mth is the average sale of the model.


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