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Ford EcoSport SE started reaching dealerships!

It’s been 8 years since the Ford EcoSport first launched in India and it has been one of the most favored compact SUVs by enthusiasts. Ford has continuously been updating and refreshing the EcoSport and they have done it once again.

Image Source: ZigWheels

This time we see the Ford EcoSport SE with its fresh new look. Having reached various dealers in the country, ready for dispatch. Although, there is a prominent change in the way it looks, which certainly did raise a lot of eyebrows.

The spare wheel which was mounted at the back of the EcoSport giving it just the right amount of sporty has now been removed. In place of the spare, a chrome garnish has been added. Above the chrome garnish is placed the Ford badge whilst the rest of the space on the tailgate is occupied by the number plate placed right under the strip. Currently, the EcoSport ranges from 7.99 Lakh to 11.49 Lakhs (ex-showroom). Sources say, the SE trim will be placed somewhere between this range.

When asked in a poll at Team-BHP forums, over 75% of the people believed that it is a bad move from the manufacturer while almost 15% percent of voters believe the clean look is better. The rest of the voters however, believed that both of the versions looked good enough to them. You can check out the Team-BHP poll here.


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