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H1-2022 highlights: Indian Passenger Vehicle Industry

Auto Punditz has always been at the helm of presenting the most accurate and insightful analysis on the Indian Automotive Industry. We are motivated by our enthusiastic readers and we work tirelessly to present the statistics no other publication or media house does in India. We would like to Thank all our readers for your continuous patronage and dedicate the H1 2022 in-depth Analysis to all you. Hope you have liked our series of posts on H1 2022 sales and feel free to share any feedback at

  • H1-2022 registered highest ever half-yearly sales of 18,26,483 vehicles

  • 2022 average monthly volume stood at 3,04,414 mark – highest in the history

  • March 2022 and June 2022 are 2nd and 3rd best sales month in entire history

  • Improved supply side situation and demand spillover from 2021 are the major factors

  • SUV/Crossover body styled products now command 41% share of Indian passenger vehicle market

  • Hatchback segment is now reduced to 35% due to lack of demand for entry level products

  • MUVs and sedans gained some lost ground

  • Tata (+4.5%) and Mahindra (+2.2%) gained significant market share with onslaught of new products

  • Maruti (-3.9%) and Hyundai (-2.5%) lost significant market share

  • Top-3 brands command 70% of Indian passenger vehicle market share

  • Top-6 brands command 89% of Indian passenger vehicle market share

  • Other 9 brands have 11% combined market share

  • Maruti Wagon-R continues to be the best-selling passenger vehicle in India

  • Twin Tata products - Nexon and Punch - made it to the top-10 list

  • 18 of the top-30 products were having some form of discounts throughout H1-2022

  • H1-2022 diesel mix settled around 19%, CNG mix reached to 11% and electric mix to 1.1%

  • Petrol is dominating fuel in small vehicle category and diesel dominates large vehicle category

  • Mahindra, Toyota, Jeep and KIA have diesel heavy mix due to SUV/MUV/Crossover product portfolio

  • Mahindra Bolero is the best-selling diesel vehicle & Wagon-R is the best-selling CNG vehicle

  • H1-2022 registered highest ever half-yearly BEV sales of 20,440 units

  • June 2022 is the best sales month with 4,451 units

  • Tata Motors command 92% Indian BEV market share

  • Tata Nexon EV is best selling product followed by Tata Tigor EV


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