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Maruti beats Hyundai, to become Number 1 UV OEM this FY 21-22 YTD.

Despite the volume growth not being in line with the UV Industry average, MSIL continued to dominate the UV segment. With a volume of about 1,62,160 units and about 21.18% Market Share in the SUV segment, MSIL was able to outplace Hyundai from the Rank 1 position.

The Indian UV segment is not only the fastest-growing segment of the Indian PV Industry, it is also the largest segment. It is now ahead of the hatchback segment with over 39.7% market share of the Indian PV segment.

On the volume front, it has crossed the 7.6 Lakhs mark YTD with 69% growth. More than 85% of the recent new car launches have been dedicated to the UV segment. This segment is where the entire PV Industry's action is.

  • Maruti leads the pack with1,62,160 units a more than handsome growth of 59,458 units. The growth percentage stood at 58% with a market share of 21.18% for the year till date.

  • Hyundai came second with a market share of 18.44% , the market share drop in Hyundai was very much visible since the 44% growth rate was not in line with the industry growth. Hyundai sold 1,41,238 units.

  • Tata Motors, of course, doesn't seem to get anything wrong this year, with a whopping growth in triple-digit and a market share of 12.73%, its on course to cross the 1 Lakh mark soon.

  • Kia continued its dominant run with the crossing of 1 Lakh units. however, the market share for Kia also fell at it ended on 13.67% market share against 15.03% last year same time.

  • The other OEMs who grew faster than the UV industry average and gained market share are Mahindra, Toyota and MG.


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