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Indian 2 Wheeler Sales Figures – Feb 2015

Management Punditz has always strived to bring real-hard statistics to our readers. While we could consistently present car sales figures of August 2010, the two wheeler statistics was seldom made available. While a lot of car blogs and magazines believe in sharing the reviews of the drive, we think that the numbers speak for itself and hence the acceptability from the consumers. We have been receiving a lot of requests from our readers to share the two-wheeler figures as well and hence the post.

We have initiated steps to collate the two wheeler sales numbers and initially standardize on the mentioned principles:

  1. 1. Get OEM-wise (Make column) and dig brand-wise (Model column) statistics of tha offtake numbers (i.e. dispatches from the 2-wheeler manufacturers to their respective dealers).

  2. 2. Compare YoY statistics to get a realistic idea on the growth/de-growth as this sector is highly seasonal.

  3. 3. Highlight the brands launched in past 1 year in yellow to understand the impact these brands have made to their respective OEM’s.

  4. 4. Divide the segment primarily into 4 categories : Motorcycle, Scooter, Performance & Moped. We understand that the categorization would have been better, but we wanted it to be simple as the brands are plenty (145 models mentioned in the list!).

February 2015 Sales Figures – Pan India

TRIVIA: – An interesting fact is that only Royal Enfield could post growth in all its models (except for a minimal 2 units gap in Continental GT). – Also to highlight the importance of price factor in 2-wheelers – Note that in 2015 Street 750 alone sells as many units as all Harley Davidson brands sell combined in 2014. – Bajaj is still devoid of a product in Scooter segment – while Hero Moto Corp & Honda are successfully milking the segment and supporting respective growth for their overall numbers. – Activa is just 4811 units short of the best selling brand ‘Splendor’. Don’t be surprised to see Activa overtake splendor sales in coming times. – Moped still sells 63,435 units and is the 5 best selling two wheeler! That’s how Value-conscious our country is. Also surprising is that no other OEM than TVS has a product in Moped segment. – 150 cc segment has shown considerable promise – Pulsar brand combinedly sells 44,826 units and is the 7th best selling brand.

A look at the Top 10 selling brands –


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