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Indian Cars Retail Figures - February 2021

Around 2,51,127 mass-market passenger cars were registered in India for the month of February 2021. It was an 11.7% increment over Feb'21.

FADA (Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations) has been working hard over years to retrieve and share the vehicle registration data in the endeavour to present a much accurate picture of the Industry. We appreciate FADA's dedication towards sharing the data on a public platform - which makes it easier to prepare the right set of analytics and share with our readers. This time we have sliced the data (PV) a bit differently and are categorizing the cars sales under mass-market OEMs and Luxury OEMs.

  • In terms of registrations; Maruti Suzuki lost the highest Market Share and Tata Motors was the biggest gainer.

  • Tata Motors recorded the highest YoY growth and its Market Share shot from 5.8% in Feb'20 to 8.3% in Feb'21.

  • Hyundai India was the second-biggest gainer of Market Share and was able to grow 24.2% YoY in Feb'21.

  • The other sibling, Kia too grew a healthy 44% YoY and recorded a Market Share increase of 1.3%.

  • Mahindra registered one of the highest YoY degrowth and placed itself below Kia in terms of overall registrations. M&M also lost over 2.3% Market Share YoY.

  • With the help of Maruti rebadged models & updated Fortuner - Toyota registered 56.4% YoY growth.

We have also compared Retails v/s Registrations to get a better overview of the Cars Sales in Feb'21 -

  • Do note that the Retail volumes may seem much lower than WS - It is primarily due to the data unavailability from AP, MP, LD & TS RTOs as they are not yet on Vahan 4. Hence we compare the Market Share of WS v/s Retail for better assessment.

  • Maruti Suzuki's Retail Market Share was higher in Feb'21 (when compared to WS Market Share). This indicates Maruti's Retails were better when compared to the dispatches/WS.

  • Hyundai too reported a better Retail Market Share vis-a-vis WS Market Share.

  • Tata's Retail Market Share is visibly lower - Possibility is that Safari dispatches may have happened in the later part of Feb'21; where retails were slated in Mar'21.

  • The difference in Renault Retail MS v/s Wholesales is the highest - Obviously due to Kiger (majority retails were scheduled in Mar'21).


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