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June 2021 Retail Figures: Indian Auto Industry. 2W, 3W, Tractor, Commercial Vehicles, Cars & SUVs.

The Auto Industry witnessed a retail volume of about 11,89,554 for the month of June 2021. This of course was a growth over last year by about 2,05,159 units, which constitutes about 20.84%. However, if we compare this to LLY June 2019 volumes, it's a drop of about 29.91%, which is of course a significant drop.

The Lion's share of course came from the Two-wheelers Industry, which witnessed strong growth. We have witnessed volume growth in almost all segments except the Three-wheeler segment, witnessed a drop in volume of about 25.32%

  • Two Wheeler Industry witnessed a volume of about 9,16,699 units. This was a growth of about 1,26,581 units. The YOY Growth % stood at 16.02%. Interestingly the contribution of the two-wheeler industry to the total auto Industry has dropped to 77.06% from 80.26% of LY.

  • Passenger Vehicles, which includes Cars, UVs & Vans, saw a volume of 1,82,077 getting registered, this was a growth of about 55,660 units as compared to LY. The contribution of PVs has increased to 15.31% as compared to LY June.

  • Tractor Industry also witnessed a growth in volume. This is the only segment that has grown over the last June and also Last to Last year june. In other words, the volumes are up against 2020 June and 2019 June. Which is a very positive sign for the tractor industry. The Tractor Industry Volumes stood at 51,694 units, which was up by 6,336 units or 13.97% against LY June. The Contribution in terms of total volumes stood at 4.35% of the entire Auto Industry.

  • The commercial segment has shown a strong revival in RTO registrations. This is the highest-grown segment in terms of percentage comparison. A staggering 186.69% growth over LY June was witnessed in customer sales. The Volumes stood at 30,128 units.

  • The Three wheeler industry continues to struggle with about 8,956 registrations in June. This was a 25% drop against LY and about 81% drop against LLY. The contribution also dropped to 0.75% to the total auto Industry.

The detailed reports of each Manufacturer in terms of Retail performance, shall follow in our upcoming articles, later this week.

Please Note:

1- The above numbers do not have figures from AP, MP, LD & TS as they are not yet on Vahan 4.

2- Vehicle Retail Data has been collated as of 05.07.21 in collaboration with the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Government of India, and has been gathered from 1,294 out of 1,497 RTOs.


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