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Kia EV6 - First Dedicated EV from Kia teased

Kia has released the first teasers of the EV6, which will be the brand's first electric vehicle based on the new E-GMP platform!

You may wonder that Kia already has EVs in its lineup - Niro EV & Soul EV. However; both do not ride on a dedicated electric vehicle platform. Rather, they're electric versions of the Niro and Soul crossovers.

Kia has formulated a simple naming strategy for its EVs - which is to adopt the EV prefix and a number that corresponds to its size. The EV6 highlights its position towards the top of the brand's EV line-up! EV6 is an important model in Kia's Plan S transformation strategy. In Kia's philosophy “that embodies Kia’s shifting focus towards electrification” - the company intends to launch seven new EVs by 2027, with the first one (EV6) arriving this 2021.

The EV6 promises to be a sleek electric vehicle that features a rakish windscreen that flows into a sloping roof. We can also see streamlined bodywork, flush-mounted door handles, and a neatly angular rear window.

The EV6 is slated to be the first model in Kia's lineup to use the new Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP). It is the same platform that underpins sister brand Hyundai's new Ioniq 5 crossover. It shall be equipped with 800V charging functionality and lightweight batteries, the modular architecture offers a maximum range of more than 500 km!

The rear design highlights slender LED headlights and muscular rear haunches. The model also has a unique rear end with sequential turn signals and distinctive brake lights.

Kia said that the EV6 will happen within the first quarter of 2021 and we expect the debut of the EV6 soon.


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