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Mahindra Electric sold 4,042 electric three wheelers in FY2020!

Mahindra Electric Three Wheeler sales shot up over 7 times in FY2019-20 v/s FY2018-19.

Mahindra Electric have been the Pioneers of Electric Mobility in India and were probably the first OEM to launch an electric three wheeler in the subcontinent in an organised manner. It sells electric vehicles in different segments – the electric sedan eVerito, the electric commercial vehicle eSupro (passenger and cargo) and the Treo range of low maintenance, lithium-ion battery powered three-wheelers. Mahindra Electric also became the first Indian car manufacturer to cross 170 million eKilometres traveled on its fleet.

In the three wheeler segment; Mahindra Electric Mobility offers e-Alfa Mini and Treo. e-Alfa Mini is powered by a 120Ah battery, a powerful motor and controller of 1kW.  The Treo range consists of the Treo electric auto and Treo Yaari electric rickshaw. The Treo auto boasts an ARAI certified driving range of 170 kilometers and has a typical driving range of 130 km on the Mahindra Treo after 3 hours 50 minutes of charging. Certified range on the Treo Yaari is 130 kilometers and can hit a typical driving range of 85 km after 2 hours 30 minutes of charging. Both vehicles have a direct drive transmission type, and the Treo has a peak power of 5.4 kW and a peak torque of 30 Nm. Treo Yaari has a peak power of 1.96 kW and a peak torque of 19 Nm.

With the rise in pollution levels in major metros and the push from the government to adapt greener technologies; Mahindra found a frugal way for people transportation. Three Wheelers have found huge acceptance in the Indian market due to ease of handling; lower maintenance costs and ferrying swiftly in crowded lanes. India is also the world’s largest 3 wheeler market! Owing to these reasons; Mahindra’s bet of electric three wheelers has saw positive results. Mahindra Electric was able to sell 4,042 electric three wheelers in FY2019-20 v/s 559 units sold in FY2018-19. It registered a mammoth YoY growth of 623% and helped Mahindra increase its overall market share in 3 wheeler passenger category.


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