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Maruti attempts to ‘Ace’ LCV Goods Carrier segment with its ‘Super Carry’!

Maruti had tasted commercial success with its passenger carriers like Omni, Eeco & Versa. All the offerings in the passenger carrier segment were petrol-only models and were successful in both personal and commercial usage. Owing to the success of these models; Maruti identified a huge business opportunity in load carrier segment as well and launched the Super Carry in the year 2016. The Super Carry is powered by a 2-cylinder turbo-charged 793 cc diesel engine and an all-new 1200 cc CNG engine variant. Maruti Suzuki knew that the segment shall cater primarily to the commercial customers and only diesel models shall be viable; hence it decided to have a different network/dealership for the sale of Super Carry. Similar to Nexa; the commercial outlets were offered to existing Maruti dealers and it invested all the focus in expansion of the network. By Nov’18’ Maruti’s commercial vehicle channel was present in 193 cities with 250 outlets.

Maruti Suzuki’s Commercial Outlet

The Mini Truck Load Segment (<2 tons) was dominated by offerings from Tata Motors & Mahindra. While Ace was the undisputed leader in the segment; Mahindra tried to grab considerable share via its offerings Maxximo/Jeeto. Ace (Normal+EX+Zip) is currently enjoying a market share of 66%; while Mahindra’s share in the segment is 23%. The overall segment has grown by 50% in this financial year (Apr’18-Jan’19) v/s Apr’17-Jan’18.

Super Carry’s performance in this financial year has been extremely positive. The model posted a growth of 159% in the first 10 months of this FY over same period previous FY. The model has steadily gained a market share of 10% and at this rate may even match Mahindra’s volume in the next 1-2 years!


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