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Maruti Ranks-1 in three segments. Mahindra in 2, Hyundai & Tata one segment each -FY2021.


We have consistently shared the car sales analysis with our readers. In yet another attempt to help our readers understand the performance of the car sales figures, we present to you the segment-wise analysis.

Understanding the Segments.

Car segments are broader categories in which cars can be classified. This helps us understand the market performance of each segment and how each segment is moving.

Also, it helps us to understand which are the top performers in each segment.

Broader Car Segments :

  • Entry Level Hatchback

  • Hatchback & Entry Level Sedans :

  • Sedan's with travel boot

  • Sedans

  • Executive Sedans

  • Luxury Sedans

  • Compact UV

  • UV

  • Executive UV

  • Superior UV

  • Premium UV

  • Luxurious UVs

The details of the other segments are well elaborated below.....

  • Maruti Suzuki continues to dominate the entry-level hatchback segment and the hatchback and entry sedan segment. They have a majority of their cars in this segment and continue to dominate this turf.

Also, the hatchback and entry-level sedan segment is a stronghold of Maruti, where they have more than 60% market share in this segment as well.

Not to forget the Van's Which were earlier dominated by Omni, and now by EECO. The hardtop van is a monopoly market for Maruti.

  • Honda even though has low volumes, however, it has managed to establish dominance with both Honda City in the Sedan and also with its premium offering in the executive Sedan Segment.

  • Mahindra's control on the executive UV segment and compact UV segment continues. They also have a monopoly position in the soft top UV segment.

  • Their market share in the Executive and compact UV segment is high, despite the recent launches from Kia, Hyundai, and others is because all their products come under these two portfolios. It's more of a camouflage of all their products in these two segments only.

Mahindra always owns the soft top segment with more than 62.24% market share here.

  • Toyota of course leads the pack in the Superior UV and Luxury UV segment. These are Toyota's favorite playgrounds globally and in India, it's no different. Even though the volumes may seem a little low currently in this segment, Toyota is well poised to take the best advantage of both these segments when the volume in these segments picks up. With over 98% market share in the superior UV, Toyota's Fortuner has ensured that competition is washed away around it.


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