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Mid SUV Sales for November 2020 – Creta & Seltos were the usual segment toppers!

Almost 60% of the segment volumes come from the Creta & Sonet duo. While Creta has reestablished its dominance in the segment; Seltos has settled at ~9k average volumes.

The Mid SUV segment recorded a growth of 10% YoY and ~36k Mid SUVs were sold in November 2020.

  1. Hyundai’s Creta has taken the clear lead in the segment and it crossed 12k sales in Nov’20! The New Creta has been accepted well in the market and has also become the best seller in Hyundai’s portfolio.

  2. Seltos is still selling in good numbers and managed to ~9k figures yet again in Nov’20. Both the siblings (Creta+Seltos) contributed near to 60% of the segment’s volumes!

  3. Harrier volumes have shot up significantly. Do note that while Hector sales grew by a dismal 6% YoY; Harrier numbers have shot up 190% YoY!

  4. Duster sales have been disappointing. Even after the launch of well priced Duster Turbo variant; falling sales is not a good sign for Renault.


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