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Monthwise Market Share Movement – H1 FY2019-20

We had recently presented the OEM-wise volumes for H1 FY20 v/s FY19 –

Over to the aforementioned data; we have dug deeper to understand the month wise fluctuations in the Market Share in the current FY and the analysis is as shown –

  1. Maruti saw its highest Market Share drop in Aug’19 and had come below 48%! 3 out of 6 months in this FY; Maruti’s Market Share has stumbled below 50%!

  2. Hyundai slowly and steadily gained Market Share with the help of Venue. The YTD MS has been over 18% and been one of the best of all times.

  3. Kia gained over 3% Market Share in the first month of sales! Sustenance will be the key here for the brand.

  4. MG impressively crossed 1% MS in Sep’19 and looks stronger with every passing month. The increase in production capacity will surely help it gain even better Market Share in future.


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