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Nissan India records its highest monthly sales volume for past 34 months in January 2021!

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Nissan recorded sales of 4,021 dispatches in January 2021 with YoY growth of a stellar 185%. This is the highest monthly volume Nissan India has recorded in the past 34 months!

  1. With dispatches of 3,031 units; Magnite was the best selling Nissan for January 2021. Magnite is undoubtedly the most important launch for Nissan India till date. A lot depends on the model’s success and the initial indications surely are positive.

  2. Redi-Go ranked second and 780 units were shipped last month. The model sales fell -24% YoY and improved 55% MoM.

  3. Kicks records dismal figures yet again.


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